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My family and I eat largely a Vegan lifestyle which can be hard to learn, but that education comes with a wealth of knowledge about food, recipes, and the white noise that is being "fed to you" about what is healthy and what is disease forming.  We're not special and we're not suggesting that you go Vegan.  What I am suggesting is that short-term diet styles leave you with a need for more, as you constantly spring back to ways that do not work.  We have a crutch for you that has been our crutch.  It's allowed us to have a solution on the go, to have meals when it comes down to "health or convenient fast food," and to give our children a chance to win against the American obesity epidemic.   

Click this link to see my tailored products.  Check out and then we'll get on a web-conference or call to learn how to apply it. 

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