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PLYOGA Founder Stephanie Lauren



Stephanie Lauren is a proud mommy to Savannah and Cameron.


Stephanie is an award winning fitness leader and continuing education provider for the largest fitness accreditation organizations in North America.


Stephanie is a Former NCAA Division I Gymnastics & Track Athlete (Current Towson University Long Jump Record Holder).


Stephanie has worked closely with BodyTech Gyms in Brazil as a content creator, as well as participating in Sweat Inc. with Jillian Michaels, and leading dozens of best selling PLYOGA Workouts. 


Stephanie is the founder of PLYOGA Fitness (over 1100 trainers in 9 countries) and has produced 2 best selling workout series.  Her most recent fitness invention, The CASE Method, is in its initial launch stages and is currently being implemented with her fitness crew.  JOIN HER CREW.

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